Who We Are

At MMG, we strive to provide quality health care products and exceptional customer/agent services to assist the senior market health insurance, life insurance, and financial choices. Between our divisions, Senior Benefit Services (SBS) and Senior Marketing Specialists (SMS), our goal is to be the premier provider of health care insurance to all communities and states that we serve while upholding our motto: “What we know will make the difference for you.”

What We Do

We assist and educate our agents so that they can better help their clients in making the best possible health insurance, life insurance, and financial decisions.

Where We Are

MMG is headquartered in Columbia, Mo. While Senior Marketing Specialists staff support agents in all 50 states from the comfort of that headquarter office, Senior Benefit Services agents are located throughout Missouri and several surrounding states. SBS has field offices in Denver, Colorado, Marshfield, Jefferson City, and Kansas City, Missouri. With SBS agents already located in Austin, Texas, St. Louis, Missouri, and Columbus, Georgia, our goal is to open additional field offices as our sales force continues to grow.

When You Should Come On Board

NOW! Due to the exceptional quality of service we have been providing since 1975, our company is currently enjoying a period of explosive growth. In 2013, MMG succeeded in reaching over $100,000,000 in total production, making us one of the largest insurance marketing organizations in the country.

What kind of sales can we have in 2016, 2017, and beyond? The possibilities are endless, as long as we have the right people on our team.

So, NOW is the time to find where you can fit within MMG to start experiencing tremendous personal success.

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