Senior Benefit Services (SBS) is the career division of MMG. We offer the opportunity for individuals with the entrepreneurial spirit to take control of their income and shape their career path. Ever thought about being your own boss? We can offer you that through our promising sales career opportunities.

At SBS we have the ability to provide an important service to others and discover great individual opportunities along the way. Utilizing the many partners of MMG, our career agents are able to navigate the health and life insurance markets to help educate their clients on how to make the best healthcare choices possible.

We refuse to be bystanders in their time of need.

Every single day, Medicare beneficiaries miss out and lose many of the benefits they may be eligible for due to a lack of explanation, being misled by others, and an overload of information they could hardly hope to sift through and understand on their own. These missed opportunities can have devastating effects on people’s estate, savings, and future financial stability.

Wanting to be out and about, free from the confines of a traditional office space? Want to be setting your own schedule and writing your own paychecks? Ask about our Career Agent position.

Internships available!
College students – various agent and support team positions are available as internships!


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